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Monday, January 02, 2006
First (kind of) Date of the New Year
Keep your fingers crossed for me guys. Tomorrow I'm travelling to the mean streets of Philadelphia to have tacos with a guy I met a couple of weeks ago. And no...there was no sexual innuedo there, we're actually going for tacos. I'm really excited, I've always wanted to go to to Tattooed Mom's for Taco Tuesday and now I am.

So anyways, we met a couple of weeks ago when T, Chelle and I were out. We ended up going to this house party at Hot Ronnie's and then we got split up somehow and Chelle and I had been left behind. It was this guy, John, who was cool enough to come back and pick our drunk asses up. I think I wrote about it already, but anyways, long story short...we hung out until 10:30 am and John has been sending me random texts here and there for the past couple of weeks.

On New Years Eve, we exchanged about five or six texts all day and then he sent one at midnight. Last night, the girls, Ry, and a couple of other friends were over down at the basement bar when I started getting texts around 10:30pm asking what I was doing today. Sadly, I was one of the few people who had to work so I told him that I wasn't available but then I had this great idea...I consulted with T and then sent him a text saying, "T and I are going to Tattooed Mom's for Taco Tuesday, you wanna go?" Within seconds I got a message back saying "Totally! I'm all yours after 6pm!" I sent him a very cool and suave message of, "Cool," gotta keep it low key, even though I'm pretty excited to hang out with him. While I was thinking this and about to verbalize it to T,another message made my phone light up, "So...which one of you will be wearing the pigtails?" With a smile on my lips I typed quickly, "I guess you'll know when you see us, huh?" And as I was trudging up to my bed (knowing that getting up for work was going to be hell as it was, I didn't need to add a hangover to the pain) pouting, while my friends were still hanging out at my basement bar, I received one final message.

"I can't wait to hang out with you."

So we'll see. He seems playful, lighthearted and not trying hard at all. Things are flowing smoothly and with my "Wing woman" (possibly women...Chelle might come too) I think it's going to be more of a hanging out vibe, rather than a "first date"...which is awesome, because I don't know if you noticed, but I have a tendency to turn and run when I suspect that someone likes me. Hmm, I wonder if anyone's coaching him on how to deal with me?? Interesting thought.

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