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Friday, December 30, 2005
Attempted Castration by AIM
This is a conversation that E and I had actually went on a lot longer than this but this is the gist of always goes back to the same thing, you'll see. I was lazy so, I'm the red writing and he's the black (I didn't feel like tagging each one). And the blue is my commentary on his statements. After reading this, do you think he gets it?

baaackk (I got booted from the Internet while we were talking earlier)

damn mac aol...ick
No, its not. Its this little game we play. I say a few things you log off and laugh log in, chat a bit more and do it're sick.
you figured me out
yeah I did
Maybe I'll be the one who comes by and drags you out tonight...we can spend some time alone without the elf ("the elf" is T...she's cute and tiny like an elf)
maybe. I want to wait and wallet took a hit this week, and I don't make a lot of money, you know!...the dog and I need this roof over our heads (this dear children is called backpedaling or running away frantically...but E doesn't give in)
well If I drag you out it doesnt mean I'll make u pay
shut up. I pay for my own drinks
I always buy my own drinks...
my dad taught me that
well thats nice and all. Remember when you said something to me about going out awhile back. Like a meal or something. Whats the rules for that? (what crack is he on?? He said something to me about going out for dinner...and then well, you'll see)
that option got taken off the table when you called Chelle remember?
oh fucking Christ!
I apologized for that, which was partly your fault for being difficult. (I love it when I get blamed for him calling another friend no less!!)
Which I thought was cool because you're like," wow nobody apologizes"
you were forgiven but it doesn't change anything
Thats weird, we can fool around but no meal. (I think he wants to call me a whore here...but he stops short)
no, we fooled around...past tense (oooh harsh line, but a good one...)
You know you're not an elitest like that guy said the other day, but you come off as unaproachable (yes folks some random someone told me that I think I'm better than everyone else...I told him it was a working theory.)
lol I see, I'm just another drunk mistake
unapproachable is good (avoid discussing the hookup...good work me!)
Its not when you kind of dig somebody and they have no clue (oh I have a clue, believe me)
what are you talking about?
and I wouldn't consider it a mistake, it's just not how I should operate/and not how I do operate...I don't want to start hooking up with my friends and making them miserable. (backpedal slowly...slowly...good)

What was wrong with it? I wasn't some douche bag you met that night. Only regret that I had is that we didnt go out(solo) first. I didnt know how to get around to asking you though, its hard to figure you out in that area and it is hard to talk to you alone cause your gay with the Elf. (talking about how T and I talk all night at the bar and ignore other people, and we're talking about dates?? Why??)

well stop trying to figure me out. there's nothing to figure out. And to be quite honest, I'm much better with the "douche bag that I meet that night"'s easier (not always true...but I needed him off my back)

oh boy...I'll be next to ***Slut*** soon won't I? (inside joke...about myspace placement in the top 8...I'm his number one, ***slut*** was near me in the top eight, I told him she had to be moved because she was grossing me out, oh and ***slut*** isn't her real name on myspace so don't bother.)

It aint that serious, trying to figure you out was for me. I dont like puttin myself out there. No, its cool, *** slut*** stays where she is. I guess you're talking about random douche bags that you meet in general. (really? you seem seem really serious we've been IMing for about an hour now on your day off...hmm.)

Its no biggie. I think its kind of gay you have reservations because of the Chelle thing. Hell I know Im not the first, let alone 3rd choice for you...but I dont hold it against you. And cool, got it, you like randoms in general, that goes along with that whole " I piss people off image"(I like how you use the word "gay" like a high school student, dumbass)

I didn't realize I had the whole I piss people off image...
but I like it
thats what you said last week to me. I didnt want to mess with you because of that (I think he makes stuff up...)
ha ha, well you should've trusted the instincts I suppose
well no harm done right?
No, I told you that before.This is kid stuff (well kid stuff in that you whine and cry like one)
I think my favorite comment from you today is about not being my 1st or even 3rd choice...ha you would know.

Yeah well you're all banged up over a few locals, so I know the deal. Besides its not like you were ever forth coming on where I stood on that anyway and Im not allowed to figure anything out. Very true comment I think
banged up on a few locals??? I only liked Derek and he lives elsewhere now...and besides, I believe that was more of an obsession.
nope, I'm not much of a girl to pine for a guy

alrighty. If you dont pine then whats the deal with this random sex is best policy
where did I rate.
since Im wrong about the rating

I didn't rate you.. (skip talking about sex!)

Thats fine M, I wasn't gettin all serious and hoping for like some great relationship. I know you, you're pretty cool, we can drink, hang out, even do the nasty from time to time. If, big if something were to come of it then so be it. Wasnt no need to get scared off. Like I said Im not first or third choice. I play my position and thats that (I don't do the nasty with people who say the phrase, "Do the nasty").

I'm not just pretty cool. I'm REALLY cool
You're ok, dont push it

I'm the bestest
not as cool as say the *** slut***
most awesome
lol right
well the *** slut*** is cooler because she gives beef hearts to the ones she loves

you're right!
yeah thats pretty fucking insane
you think?
anyway so I do or dont rate.
you're my friend
because I was not just a friend, I rated. (um didn't I just say I didn't rate you...whatever that means??)
I quit. I give up, nothings good (ohhh singing me Edie Brickel song lyrics...)
haha...truly a good theme song, no?'
yeah it works...I'm downloading it now because it reminds me of you and the Elf.
I gotta go.
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