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Friday, November 18, 2005
I heart firefox...and my new reader...and my ears bled last night
I believe in the kindness of strangers...someone read my crappy blog one day (yesterday) and suggested I download firefox. And now, I can post again! Thank felt weird to be away.

So the other night was hilarious. The girls--Chelle, T and I decided to hit up thitwbar. T had to do some stalking, Chelle was trying to exorcise some demons (whether or not to call it off with Co-worker) and I was just along for the ride. And boy was it a fun ride! Being ridiculous (which had nothing to do with alcohol. I think I had about five beers in about six hours) We came up with this great plan on how to break it off with Co-worker.

We agreed that she could have sex with him one last time. While she was doing her thing, I would bust into the room and do a sound check with a microphone (you know, "Check. check. Sybillus. Sybillus"). Chelle would just tell the bewildered Co-worker, "Pay no mind to her dear, we have a little show for you later." (I did tell you that we were acting like idiots right?) Then we made up a list of break up songs that we would sing to him. We are morons.

Last night we went down to the FQB for lady's night. It's pretty fun since we are three of the five ladies that go there for Lady's Night...and beer's only a dollar. It was open mic night and a lot of cool bands and people come to play on a random Thursday night. This one guy though brought this crazy instrument. I don't know if it's homemade or if it's a real thing but whatever it is it should be fucking burned. Of all that's holy in the world, I swear that it sounded like every cat in America was catterwauling up a storm at 6 decibels. I seriously thought my ears were bleeding. It wasn't just the electrified giant two by four with piano strings that was killing it was also the mixing that he was doing. In between screeching there'd be some record scratching and a little moaning that he had dubbed. Oh, it was certainly a special event!

Today, I went to work and wouldn't you know the middle of the day I started feeling a tingling in my lips. I felt hot too. I looked in the mirror and there, my little lips had swollen twice their size. I went to the emergency room (my DR couldn't see me and because of my asthma I have to be careful of allergic reactions) and got a nice big shot in the ass. My lips still haven't returned to normal but now they are the lips of Angelina Jolie...well not quite as cute as those, but I do have a very full pout. Now to take advantage of that fact. Have a good weekend everyone, I'm going to attempt to---itchy lips and all!

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