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Monday, May 09, 2005
The Serial Killer Is At It Again...
A long, long time ago (about five months ago) I wrote a post about how I kind of felt like a serial killer keeping mementos from all of my ex's/various encounters and how I was going to go cold turkey and drop all these items off at Good Will. I figured that way, someone could benefit from my years of whoring--ahem--I mean hording.

Well, I have been so good since then. I haven't collected anything from anyone. I mean, it's usually inadvertant. I'd either borrow a sweatshirt when I was cold and forget to give it back, somehow I ended up with a plethora of boxer know random stuff. Now, I have a new trend in my life--guys' things that they left behind and I can't talk to them to give them back to them. Well I could talk to them but we're all in awkward stages in our intereactions with each other...and with all of them, it would just be an excuse to talk with them.

I am awkwardly "stuck" with a small tasteful collection of Matty's porn (stuck as in, I've watched them all and it was more fun to watch with him), his shirt, his undershirt and two of his CDs (one of which we made together, so I guess it doesn't count). I just realized that he has MY sweatshirt from my birthday. I am also stuck with a pair of Todd's boxers (I guess he left them behind?? Uh dunno about that one. Actually, I'm going to plead the fifth there). I guess I could give them back, but I would probably gain another pair in the trade off. And of course, I have Drk's shirt. Bombshell guys---Drk's moving out of the Cornfield. I don't know where to (I haven't talked to him in a while and when I was at thitwbar on Fri I didn't even think to ask)--I think the big city of Philly to pursue his musical career. I want Drk to have his shirt, because I don't want it. Damn! I guess I have to be a big girl and give it to him.
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