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Saturday, February 19, 2005
Friday Night In Three Hours
Yesterday Cr came over around four and as I moaned on my couch about needing sleep she bopped around the house telling me to get up because she was going to cut my hair. Did I ever mention that she's a hair stylist? Well she is. And typically you wouldn't be able to tell that my closest friend was a hair stylist because I keep my dark hair fairly long and straight with a few layers around my face. Apparently this was no longer going to be. Within fifteen minutes my hair was transformed, Cr had chopped (actually razored) about five inches off my precious length, and although I wanted to cry --when I looked into the mirror I had to admit that it looked pretty fabulous and with that...we headed out to start our evening. Did I mention that it was about 5:45?

Yeah. Cr has to work on Saturdays so if we were going to out and get a little wild we were going to have to do it early. So be it. We started our evening with a little chinese buffet and then we went to thitwbar at around 6:30. Hmm, don't know if I've ever been there that early. We were going to turn into pumpkins at nine so we set down to business right away.

Drk of course is the first person I see, looking as cute as ever in a striped polo shirt and his cute dictator hat. He was pretty busy last night so we didn't really chat much. In fact, I think we only said hi and bye. Sad Melina. Oh well, the night wasn't really about Drk anyways. There really wasn't too much excitement of the night. Cr and I got drunk. Nine rolled around and we made an extention to 9:30. Cr had to call W to let him know and he wasn't the happiest. In fact, I think he told her that he wasn't the happiest that we were such barflies. He's not that big into bars. Nine thirty rolled around and we decided to extend it until we finished our beer. While we were doing all of this, the guy next to me mouths to me, "Save me." There was an older woman hitting on him. He grabs my wrist and says, "Oh my god didn't we go to the same high school?"
"You went to the crazy hippie school too?" not exactly playing his game.
"Uh yeah...don't you remember me? It's so good to see you."
Then I decided to throw the guy a bone and I played along. Within a few minutes Cheryl or Carol finally left him alone.
"Can I buy you a drink?"
"No sorry, my friend and I have to leave soon. Her boyfriend isn't going to be too pleased with us, as it is."
"Oh and where's your boyfriend?" (what a smoothy he is)
(In my head: Drk, I can see you out of the corner of my eye, are you watching this? A good looking guy is hitting on, and all I want is you!!)
My eyes go straight to Drk as I answer, "I don't have a boyfriend."
"Do you live around here?"
"Yeah, I live about two blocks from here."
"Well why don't you stay? I'll take you home later."
(Now the old Melina would've agreed, and she probably would've ended up in bed with my new-found friend)
"No, I'm probably drunk enough."
(Wow, who is this woman?...and did I just hear Drk snicker?...shut up buddy, just because I love you doesn't mean you won't get a kick in the teeth!)
The new found friend whose name I can't remember tried a couple more times but I really thought it was a good idea to go home. You see, I keep joking about gaining weight from my love/devotional trips to the bar--but I did notice that my face is filling out a little. It may be paranoia but it's time to up the exercise and maybe cut down the devotional trips to the bar a bit. In fact-- that leads me to the next thing.
Cr drops me off at 10.
At 10:20 she calls me to tell me that as she was pulling up to her apartment she saw W and his friend driving past them and that when she called him she found out that they were going out to a bar. Uhh ohh, sorry W. I don't think he liked waiting. Have you ever witnessed drunk people talking on the phone together? We rambled into the night about random, random subjects and then she tells me this:
"You know one night in December I had to go outside and get _______(something I don't remember what she said) and I ran into Drk throwing out the trash."
(Wow, good story)
"Well I think I asked him why he wouldn't love you especially after he went to your house that one night and called you three times..." (I have to say that my friends are as embarassing to me with their questions as I am embarassing to myself)
"Well he said that that was just a mistake and that he was drunk, and the reason why it was a mistake was because he doesn't date customers."
(since when does Drk drink? He's only been drunk once since I've known him...hmm. This totally sucks, but now I've found his kyptonite--I'm totally going to start slipping him alcohol in his sodas and take advantage of him).

Ok first she cuts off all my hair, then she cuts out my heart. (But I guess it's ok--because my hair looks good).

(silence on my part)
"Are you ok?"
"Yeah, I'm ok"
"Are you sad?"
"But that was back in December. I mean think about it, since then he's driven you home,gave you his hat, cut the crusts off your bread and he talks to you all the time. Maybe things have changed since then."
"Yeah maybe." (In my head: "Drk, I still think you love me based on the above facts and like a crazed woman I will focus on this only.")
She tried to cheer me up for a couple more minutes and then we got off the phone. I wallowed in my sadness (and in my lonely drunkeness at 11...) of "being a mistake" even though nothing happened and was counseled by a friend over AIM.
That's when I came up with the idea of not going to thitwbar for a month, and then returning as a non-customer. This would give me the opportunity to find out if that was Drk's way of giving me an easy let down without angering the "customer" or if he really doesn't date customers--which could be the case because he hasn't dated anyone at all since I started my quest. When I woke up this morning, I realized the folly of this month experiment, I think it'll be kind of hard to stay out of there for a month so I'm thinking that perhaps I will only go in there once a week.

Tonight will not be fun. I think Cr is staying in with W (since I had her since Weds). Chelle is in Lancaster hanging out with the Amish (not really, she's visiting friends), I haven't talked with Ryan in a while,Ml is doing some family thing in some far away town, Tash and her husband live kind of far away right I think I'll be staying in with the dogs and some movies. Read this horoscope:

The heavens are on your side, urging you to stay in. No one says you have to stay in alone, however. Call up your cutest companion. Work your magic.

Wish I had Drk's phone number (threw it out so that I wouldn't send anymore stupid text messages) and a backbone.
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