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Friday, February 18, 2005
Bread Crust Brought Us Closer
So we get to the bar around 8 because Cr and I wanted to eat (because like all dive bars, they have the best food ever!) and Chelle was meeting us there. I order a turkey club because I always order a turkey club and Cr has her usual chicken fingers. Drk comes out to talk with me because he doesn't like to talk with me when I'm drunk and incoherent (I don't know why not...) and we have this fabulous conversation. Suddenly I realize that he's been talking to me for like twenty minutes and he's not cooking my food.
"Um so yeah you're a cook right?"
"You know I am...your point?"
"My point is, I'm freakin' starving! Why aren't you cooking my food?"
"Did you order a turkey club?"
"I put your bread in the toaster."
"Thanks for small favors."
"Don't mention it."
"I was going to ask if you guys would cut off my crusts because I hate them and they cut the sides of my mouth but I figured you'd get pissed off."
"Damn right I would. I'd be throwing things around back there and asking which asshole ordered a sandwich without their crusts. Then I'd curse up a storm. When they tell me it's you then I might not curse, but you're still getting crusts."
I shrug. "That's why I didn't order it that way. Geez you're a shitty cook, you won't make what your customers want."
"Melina it's a fucking bar, it's not your mom's house."
"Wish it was." (notice that I am like a five year old) "Ok, if I was on death row and I had to have my last meal. I would so get a turkey club from here. Would you cut the crusts off then?"
Smirking, "No. I'd make your damn convicted ass a sandwich and I put a note in there that would say, "Ha, eat your crusts!"
"You're a jerkface."
"Harsh words M."
Shrugging, "Yeah well, the occasion merits it."

Finally he goes back into the kitchen (where he belongs...where I don't want him to be, I want him to talk with me all night) and stops the girl who's about to bring out our food...and he carefully cut off all my crusts. I used to think I loved him, now I know I do. I gave him a huge smile and a thumbs up since he was stuck back in the kitchen for a stretch, he thumbed up back. We both were harassed for the rest of the evening about my "tea sandwich" as Chris, the bartender called it. Drk's totally my hero. And for the rest of the evening Chelle, Cr and I discussed the implications of the cutting of the crust. Cr even went as far to tell her boyfriend W about it when she called to check in with him. She puts me on the phone with him and W says, "He totally wants to either jump you or walk down the aisle with you." My thoughts exactly.
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