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Thursday, February 17, 2005
Going To THITWbar is Hazardous To My Health
So last night Cr called me around nine to go to the bar. I wasn't expecting to stay out late because she had just gotten off work at 8:30 and typically she goes home straight to her boyfriend W. However, I was pleasantly surprised when she turned to me at the bar and said, "I'm in a drinking mood!" So we drank up.

Of course the first person I saw was Drk, and of course, he makes me clam up and blush like I'm twelve because I'm so rediculous around him. I know that he notices that. I also noticed him staring at my boobs trying to read what my shirt said but the word 'sex' caught his eye. Hmm, an added bonus of shirt with words on it (when it's Drk, not other slimy men of the bar)...stare away little man, stare away.

So Cr and I started to discuss our upcoming birthday party (March 19th, if anyone wants to come). It's a combination birthday party/St patty's day party and it's going to be so sweet! We were working on our list (I was going to write it out on a coaster but Cr told me to grab an order bill instead) when Matty came over to join us. Sometimes it amazes me how incredibly hot he is! So there I am staring at him like I'm brain dead or something when I realize that he's wasted AND he's hitting on Cr! Now Cr has a boyfriend so she's being polite but she's definitely not interested (ok, she would've been interested had she not had a good man at home...and probably not to step on my toes either, not that I care about him. I just won't share Drk). I watch a little more and he's kind of hitting on us both. Weird. I should've just been done with him then and there but for some unknown reason I flirt back. Is it the competition element? Maybe, I've been known to get the claws out. But moving this story along...

Cr goes to the bathroom and while she's gone he leans over and says, "That was a real nice text message you sent me on Saturday."
"Yeah? You like that?" (ummm yeah I sent a very cryptic message that said, "Let's fuck...sometimes I'm so subtle. Didn't I used to make fun of M for text messages like that? Hmm, very interesting)
"Yeah, you want to tonight?"
I shrugged and said, "Sure"
And that ladies and gents is how Matty swept me off my feet. I guess that's all it took.
So with that plan in place Cr decided to exit the building. Chelle's lovestruck skinhead came over to me and was asking me about her. I felt pretty bad for him. He had come out after getting his wisdom teeth out for the express purpose of running into her. He even told me that he had called her earlier in the evening, but that she hadn't called him back. His eyes were sad and puppydog like when he asked, "So, has she said anything about me?" Ok let me kick the puppy, greaaaat.
"Well B called her on Satur..." I started to trail off.
"That's it, I'm not going to step on his toes. Oh gosh (yeah he said gosh) I'm embarassed. Well that settles it, I'm not going to mention it to B and I'm not going to call her again."
Well that statement made it easy for me, I just patted his big beefy arm and said, "You'll find yourself a hottie, don't even worry about it." He continued to express his woe over women for a few more minutes until Matty whispered things that he was going to do to my body and then I couldn't pay attention to A anymore and I jumped off my barstool. Well almost, we both ran into people that wanted to talk to us and then finally, we got to leave. But as I'm walking toward the door (where Drk is restocking the beer case) A, grabs my shoulder and questions loudly, "Are you going home with Matty?"
(uhh yeah? What's it to you, bucko? Thanks for your concern mom)
Looking directly at Drk I exclaim loudly, "NO! He's just giving me a ride home," as I run toward the door that Matty's holding for me (hopefully that sounded believable). As I exited into the night, I swear I heard Drk say, "M I can..." (damn it! too little too late Drk. next time? Or was that just my ever hopeful imagination)

So Matty and I go back to my house and I reach the goal of the evening, but I have to say it wasn't like the other times. The other times it was like we were both really into each other. I would never date Matty and I don't think Matty dates period, but still there was a mutual thing there. This time, it felt a little impersonal. I felt detached, and he seemed a little detached too. I won't say it wasn't good, because it was but, something was definitely off. I know that I'm not imagining it either because he went home afterwards. Ouch. (Actually it was kind of nice to just sprawl out rather than share my bed, but still ouch. That's the kind of stunt that Matty is known for, but he never pulled it on me.) So I'm thinking that was our last time together. I don't know if he'll want to come over anymore but I think we both kind of signaled the end...of whatever it was.
Hmm, kind of sad. Kind of not. Wow, I'm really eliminating men out of my life (or perhaps in this case, possibly being eliminated, in which case I want to beat him to the punch...uhh yeah, thinking too much here),
Tonight's shirt? This Stalker Loves You. Wonder what Drk will say/thinkhe stares at my boobs this time?
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