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Tuesday, February 15, 2005
A Non-Traditional Student Saves The Day
Ok in college I had a few past-times. I loved to read, I enjoyed photography classes, painting, all of my lit studies and I liked getting drunk and laid (not always in that order). I guess not much has changed. I figured college was not a time to be tied down and while many of my friends were chasing after boyfriends, I was after the next good time. Now don't think badly of me (ok, you're allowed), but I was safe, taking all precautions and apparently I can separate sex and love for the most part, so who was really getting hurt (except maybe that little angel on my left shoulder who I often ignore)?

One night I'm at a party with all of my friends, not one hundred feet from my own apartment complex. It was one of those "Anything For Money Mixers" which could really be called, "Be A Whore for Monopoly Money Party." As the enigma that I am, I did not/would not participate in such activities--I do have some standards. I ended up talking with the few boys that also weren't participating. One of these young men was CLP. CLP and I were friends through friends. I also was friends with his sister. I had known CLP for about three years but I had never even flirted with the idea of approaching him in "that way" because he talked with a slow deep drawl (even though he was born and raised in the same state as me), he basically had a harem of these gorgeous neo-hippy chicks whom he lived with and I assumed he slept with ala the Branch Davidian Cult, but God was he hot! He was was a complex mix of a guy. He was an Economics major (an ace at it too), but it looked as though he had never worn a tie in his life.
So anyways, this night, fueled by liquid courage from a keg I decided that I'd see where things would go if I pursued this boy. We drank all night together, we were beer pong partners (which in some places is almost as valid as a marriage certificate). At the school I went to, basically if your beer pong partner was a guy and you won more than three games in a row, it was fair to assume that you'd hook up in some fashion (mostly kissing at the table). CLP and I won the prerequisite three games and when we were finally vanquished we leaned against the filthy basement walls talking about the most random things.
CLP leans over me after a while kind of pinning me to the wall and drawls, "So Miss Melina, what's one thing in life that you want to do because if you don't you'll end up regretting?" with a half smile. I'm sure he'd used this line before. I knew the answer to this question, I knew the expected answer to this question and quite frankly, at that moment (and only that moment) it was true. You have to remember I was drunk, very young, and full of pre-scripted nonsense. I put my hand in his hair and I pulled his head closer to mine and I whispered in his ear,
"Kissing you."
We kiss. I ask him, "What's the one thing you'd regret?"
"Not smoking peyote," he says with a laugh as he pulls me to the door, "Wanna walk home together?"
We go outside and end up in an enormous drunken snowball fight with about fifty of our closest friends. After a while he looks at me and says,"C'mon Ace, you're freezing," grabbing my hand we trudged past my own apartment toward his harem up the street. We get to his house and I am pink from the cold. My teeth chatter so hard that I feel like I'm inside a snow globe and someone is shaking it. Behind me CLP half whispers/ half growls, "I can fix that." And without any explanation takes my hand yet again and leads me to the bathroom where he turns on the shower and where the steam almost immediately begins to roll over the top of the plastic shower curtain. He raises an eyebrow as if to challenge me. I raise my own eyebrow back at him and pull my shirt over my head.

Flash forward about six hours...

I wake up in CLP's bed, I'm naked...yeah we hooked up but, I was still as virginal as when I walked into his home (yep. a virgin, shocker I know). I look over at the clock past CLP's prone form, it reads 8:55. I bolt out of the bed as if on fire. Scrambling I pull on my jeans, searching for underwear, bra, shirt and shoes. No luck. More scrambling. One of the neo-hippies comes to my rescue with my shirt and boots, hardly blinking at the fact that a random girl is running frantically around only in jeans. Near the front door (WTF) I find my underwear and bra (a cruel hoax from the neo-hippy girls for stealing their man for the evening?) I pop back into CLP's room, I nudge him and say a quick goodbye and fly out the door with bra and underwear in hand. Did I mention that I had a 9:00 class in which I had an exam? Yeah I blew off a lot of school because I was intelligent and could usually wing it, however, I was never this bad!

Uhhh yeah. To make matters worse, it had apparently snowed a good foot or so and it continued to snow as I trudged toward the campus; bra and underwear still in hand and sporting clothes more fitting the evening hours. Just when I was just about to give up and go home because I was pretty much screwed without snowshoes and my boots had three inch heels a maroon mini van pulled alongside me and the front window rolled down, "Want a ride?" A lady about fort-five or so hollered out to me. I looked down at the bra and underwear in my hand, she looked down at the bra and underwear in my hand and shrugged, then nodded.
"Thanks," I said as I tried to shove the undergarments under my thigh as I slid into the front seat. I looked in the back, there was an empty carseat,and an open box of cheerios amidst all kinds of little stuffed animals.
"No problem, I've been there," she said grinning and then bursting into laughter. "Where're ya headed?" I gave her the name of my building and I noticed that she too had a large stack of books at my feet.
"History of the English Language?" I questioned.
"It's a bore of a class, but it's not hard."
"That's pretty much what I got out of it," she nodded as she pulled alongside my building.
"Thanks again."
"Not a problem, like I said, I've been there. In fact, I bet you don't even have a pencil," she said as she pulled one from her purse (she had to be a great mom). "Here."
"Uhh thanks."
"And uh hey?"
"Good luck hiding the bra/thong combo during your test."
I walked to the building, I thought about just tossing the damn things in the trash but in the end I just put them on my desk and took the test. They cost too much.
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