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Saturday, February 19, 2005
Boredom, Back bones, And Lists About Drk
I'm bored and it's not yet eight o'clock. I have finished one novel (read it all day today because it was freezing outside and I really didn't have anything else I could do) and I'm about to decide whether to begin another one or watch a movie or to watch Law&Order reruns on USA. But before I make one of those exciting decisions I thought I'd post a little about Drk because that's who I was thinking about (shocker, I know). But it goes past that. I was thinking, "What do I really like about him?" so some of the things are trivial and some not so much.
After last night I'm a little down in the mouth about him and about my complete lack of backbone. So here's my list. Perhaps I'll just stick to the status quo for right now and around my birthday, when his t-shirt arrives. I'll march on up to his church and see what's what. So until then, I pine. Let me pine. If you are sick of my pining, don't read this post.
You've been warned.

1. He's a nodder. You ask a question and he nods emphatically. I've actually never seen anyone nod quite so much as he. I think he's a "yes man". This is good because when I finally do ask him out, I'm hoping that he will just nod yes.
2. He's very polite. I love polite people. I was raised to treat people well. (An aside: Once, V and I were at a wing joint and we kept asking the bartender things and I guess we were both overly polite because the bartender asked,"Did you two go to Catholic school or something? Because you two are the most polite people I've ever met." Nope. Crazy hippie school for me!

3. He has a really funny strut in his walk. In fact Cr said last night, "If he were a little taller I really could see Drk strutting his stuff down the runway. Alas, I think he's 5'6"--fine by me. Sometimes good things come in small packages--and if I don't wear heels, he 'towers' over me by an inch. Unfortunately, I wear three inch heels every day. But for him, I could buy flats if he wanted me to be short.

4. He's funny. When we talk he has a definite way with words. I love a good wordsmith. He is very sarcastic and ironic. That's sexy in a man.

5. He lives in a converted church. It's quirky and cute.

6. He remembers my dogs' names and he asks about them at the bar.

7. He cut the crusts off my sandwich. He gave me a hat. He gave me a ride home. He puts up with my drunken antics. He did a shot with me at the end of the night on Thursday (when he hardly ever drinks...and he rarely does shots [remember when I harassed him about that last Friday?]) He does all these things when he doesn't have to and that makes me believe that we're at the very least--slowly becoming friends. I can handle that, in the end.

8. He has several very attractive tattoos. I find them all intrguing and as orignal as he is. I get visions of myself outlining them with my finger while we lay face to face on my bed while we're talking. It's a pleasureable vision.

9. He looks a little like my dad did when he was young. Yes I'm sure people think that's creepy and Freud would have a field day with it but hey, I can't help it. I didn't recognize this attraction, my mom pointed it out to me--I was creeped out by the idea for about ten minutes and then I got over it. You should too.

10. He spent New Year's Eve with his mom, not out partying.

11. He holds his cigarette funny. Now, I'm not a huge fan of him being a smoker but...he kind of stands there when he's talking with one hand holding the elbow of the smoking hand. The cigarette stands poised in the smoking hand like he should be smoking it out of one of those long tube things (can't remember the name of them) that Cruella DeVille had and the women of the 20's and 30's had.

12. He's unique and real, I don't think Drk compromises his integrity ever. Integrity is rare these days.

13. He's a musician. I am a creative person who needs a creative outlet, it's always good to find another soul who's driven by a passion.

14. He thinks being left handed is cool too.

Things I don't know about Drk but I can imagine about him:

14. I can picture him skipping down the road with me if I asked him to. I'm a strong proponent of skipping. I think it will keep me from getting wrinkled and old.

15. I bet he would be pretty funny to see when he was drunk--since he has no tolerance as he is (for the most part) a non-drinker. I would like to see how much he nods when he's drunk.

16. He's probably pretty fun to listen to music with...oh wait, I have seen him when songs he likes play in the bar. He's funny, he dances around trying to make the ladies in the kitchen with him laugh. So that one should be on the other part of the list.

17. I bet he has a blog about a drunk girl who loves him. How funny would that be?

Things I'm going to attempt to find out before my birthday party on March 19th...perhaps I may find the stuff out by the 20th since I want him to come to the party too.

18. His last name (I never I feel funny, but I want to know my future last name--ha ha). No really I want to know his last name. Actually, I want to know his middle name too.

19. I want to know about his family members. How many? Does he get along with them, etc.

20. I want to know if he'll ever go back to automechanic school. He said he ran out of money and that's why he doesn't go there anymore. Does that mean that it's a dream deferred, or does he like his job at thitwbar.

21. What he looked like in high school. I have access to high school yearbooks (particularly his high school) and I will be using that access to my advantage.

22. Everything else that he'll possibly tell me. Instead of pursuing him, I'm going to attempt to get to know him better. Of course, since I can only go to the bar once a week...I will have to ease the info out of him very quickly. Perhaps I will just have to stick to my three nights a week tour of duty. Perhaps. We'll have to just wait and see huh?
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