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Tuesday, November 06, 2007
I did this because it was fun!
So, John and I were just sitting back on the couch the other night kicking around baby names (don't worry/or be excited, I'm not pregnant) kind of just warming our feet to idea and because after being around all the pregnant people and all the kids we were faced with tons of baby made us think. Well, baby names has always been a secret pleasant past time for me (a very covert thing that I have enjoyed in the privacy of my own home and rarely owning up to it in the presence of others). I never really thought I would have babies persay, but I've always enjoyed trying to come up with the perfect name combination. I think I got it from my dad. Yes, that's right, big burly biker used to be working on his Harley, and he'd stop and tell me some random name and say, "That name just flows...doesn't it?" Then he'd go back to some minor tune up. I think he liked names so much that it's the reason he had an alias (ha ha, yeah right! That's the reason! Although I find it adorable that his alias first name was Augie.)

Well, the next day at work I had some down time so I hit up a baby name website and quickly copied a list of names. I pasted it into my email and then in three minutes or so, highlighted names that I liked. I probably liked about 16 names in total (I'm picky, what?!?) I quickly sent it to John with the subject like reading, "I did this because it was fun! Make your own list!"

Later I checked my email and there was email from John that clearly stated his incredulousness with me, "You made a list of two hundred names for fun?!?" I scrolled down to see what he was talking about and there my list was...except the 16 names that I had highlighted weren't highlighted and there was just a random list of 200 names! I slapped my head and replied, " pressure here...I just picked 16 names, using that list!" Obviously, John either thinks I'm a lunatic or that I want to have no less than 200 of his babies. I explained later but I think after this little episode he'll be keeping his sperm under lock and key for a bit.

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