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Friday, November 02, 2007
You've Come A Long Way Baby...
Posts about myself puking aside (see below), it's pretty amazing how far I've come in the past two years. Two years ago my house looked more like a frat house than a place in which a woman with a professional job resided. That mostly had to do with the fact that I spent most of my time out and very little time playing homemaker. As a naturally messy person, I would come home to the wreckage that was my house, shrug and think to myself, "No one else lives here, so why should I even bother." It was a fun time for me, but looking back it was more of a lonely time for me. It was less about the partying than about not wanting to be alone. And so out I would go...leaving all my responsibilities and fears behind.

Today, my house is becoming a stylish little pad. That has very little to do with me and mostly to do with John. He has been systematically covering the walls (that I had previously slapped a few colors on here and there) expertly with paint (that we both pick painstakingly). Seriously did I ever think I would be standing next to a man and saying things like, "Does this color purple flow with the colors we picked for the rest of the house?" That answer would be a definitive "NO!" We purchased a new charcoal colored carpet in the entire upstairs and when that's paid off, we will realize the dream of hardwood in our downstairs. I'm elated, and far more excited than I ever was as I swept shadow across my eyes, and practiced my glossy pout in the mirror. Of course, John still has to follow around after me so that I don't leave everything trailing behind me like a slug...but it's baby steps, kids. Baby. Steps.

The house is the tip of the iceberg in terms of change and new perspectives on things but I take it as a sign of good things that have happened to us and for things to come. Previous to knowing each other, both John and I were living parallel lives--both of us holding things down but not as well as we could've been (should've been). The two of us coming together could've been bad...we could've burned each other out. We could've been out at the bar every night of the week, not wanting to "miss out on the scene". Instead, we decided to grow up together and get it together. Today, John's become somewhat of a golden boy at work. Imagine, he used live mere blocks from work and yet now, with a two hour commute in the morning he's rising to the occasion more than he ever has. The same can be said for me, well, except that I might have a one minute commute.

Of course, don't let me kid you for a second that yes, we still love to go out. Yes, we still like to act like we don't have responsibilities and to pretend not to have a care in the world but it's for different reasons now. It's not about worrying about missing out on something, it's more about having fun together. Hence, I'll still find me playing drunken board games, which I suppose is better than what I probably would've been doing two years ago. Responsibility, who knew that one day it wouldn't be a dirty word to me?? Certainly not moi. That being said, I had to wipe myself with a Kleenex today because I didn't have time to go out and purchase toilet paper. Oh and with the work week over for me, I may just reach into the fridge, grab myself a cold one and reflect on another sucessful foray into the 'Real World' . steps.

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