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Wednesday, November 14, 2007
Afternoon Delight
I've had this date circled on my claendar for two months now. My stomach was full of butterflies with anticipation. I took a half day at work to prepare for the occasion. At 12 pm, I was sunk neck deep in a bubble bath relaxing and preparing for a full body shave. And shave I third date shave, although this was a person I had been unclothed in front of many, many times. So why did I do it? Even now, I think it's sweet to make a good impression.
I got out of the bath and put on a pair of my cutest undies, and a pair of camoflauge knee high socks with pink bows at the top. I knew they were John's favorite, so they had to count for something. After reapplying my make-up and freshing up my dampened hair (JESUS, having slightly wavy hair, but not curly hair is a bane I live with all the time) I hopped in my little car and set out on my destination.
I was greeted politely and was quickly asked to take my pants off...within a few minutes we were deeply intimate. It was over before it started and I could hardly believe that I had been all worked up over it. To be honest, it was kind of like the first time I had sex, except the bed didn't smell like a frat house and I knew this person's name (I kid, I knew the guy's name!). After all was said and done, I was told I could put my clothes back on and that I could come on outside.

Yep, another year...another pap smear.

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