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Sunday, December 11, 2005
Proving that I can make anything fun
T and I went out to dinner to the local asian restaurant a mixture of Thai, Japanese and Chinese cuisine. Mmmm, it was soo good. I had not planned on going out after dinner and I thought I made that plainly clear with my outfit choice. Let's see, I had my glasses, a navy hoodie on (complete with pawprints on the sleeve that I mostly brushed off on my way out the door), old blue jeans and (gasp, no heels but...) my hot pink addias sneakers. After a delightful dinner...which lasted a total of 27 mins because we were both starving, T sweetly talked me into heading down to the FQB.

The FQB was not a happening place to be last night. However, that didn't stop T and I from laughing *ahem* cackling all night much so, that other patrons made comments about it. To make our evening more exciting I reverted to my childhood and just picked on T all night. Here's a list of some of the things that I did:
1. I wrapped her scarf around her so that she looked either Muslim or a mummy and then took a picture of it. I added the caption "T is a whore." and then sent it to all of our mutual friends. Ha ha, I enjoyed that one. I would like to get it printed and make it my Christmas card.

2. I gave her a wet willy...because I know how much she hates having her ears touched and she said something about me loving Favorite Bartender, and that would've been fine (and typical playground banter) except that Favorite Bartender's girlfriend was there and her little almond eyes narrowed on me and I know that in her mind...I had been engulfed in flames. So T deserved the wet willy.

3. I used the word nipple into my casual conversations with her because I know how much she hates the word and it gives her the chills. Watching her cringe was marvelous. Sheer joy.

4. I made her little coaster notes while she was in the bathroom. Her coaster notes (by no means anything like the love notes written to Derek) went like so:
a. "T is useless" (sounds lame but we were discussing that now that the one boy who liked her doesn't like her anymore, the other boy doesn't seem to either...because he seems to only like girls with girlfriends--thus rendering T useless.)
b. 'The Cigarette Machines Do Not Vend to Idiots" (because she spent about three days putting the same crinkled dollar into the machine)
c. "T causes cancer in children and pets"

and so on and so on...we really had to entertain ourselves. Of course, I entertained T with my bumbling conversations with Favorite Bartender. Any time he came around to chat with us, I said something absolutely ridiculous. It was cause for amusement.

So aside from feeling naseous after Favorite Bartender made me the most horseradishy Bloody Mary of my lifetime, it was a fun laid back night. No cute boys around (aside from Favorite Bartender, who I hear wants to break up with his girlfriend...and in fact, HAS broken up with her a few times but she refuses to leave and then he caves) but it was completely fine--again, T and I had a great time.

Oh...and we found out that the teeny tiny bottle opener fits over my nose. T, actually tested it out on other bar patrons and as it turns out, I'm Cinderella. It doesn't fit over anyone else's nose. I wish I could say that this bar survey occurred because we drank too much but quite frankly, we did not.

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