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Saturday, December 03, 2005
Shortest bar trip ever
I planned to stay in tonight (Friday) because I'm going out to see my old roommates tomorrow and I've got to get up bright and early. Well then Tash called and told me that she, her husband and Ry were all at thitwbar and that she wanted some sober company. See, she's pregnant so now her husband is using her as his official designated driver. So I hopped off the couch, turned off the Sex and the City that I rented (did you know that I never saw any of them? I'm kinda like meh about them) and drove on up to the bar.

The guys were a mess. Like falling down drunk...and when I got there they had about three shots lined up and Car bombs too. Ry was basically falling asleep at the table. Tash's husband was getting hit on by some drunk guy and Tash's husband's friend from home was just skeeving me out...he used to be good he looks like he doesn't get much human contact.

Well somehow, Tash's husband knocked over a bunch of the glasses that were on the table. Shot glasses went flying off the table and one of the larger glasses shattered. I picked up what I could in the hopes of staying under the radar. No such luck. My favorite young bartender/soon to be bar owner came over looking pissed. Wordless, he stacked the glasses and removed them from the table while Ry kept yelling, "It was Melina...It was Melina." I stammered, "I'm not even drinking! I just got here!" but Bartender just walked away from us looking more than a little pissed. "Thanks guys, thanks a lot! You guys come here once in a while...I have to come here on a daily basis!" I said. And of course, Ry replied, "No, that's your choice." After that though we figured we shouldn't press our luck (as the bar is notorious for banning people for dad was banned) and that we should get the boys out of there.

And that explains how I went to the bar at 10:30 and I was home by 11:31...and why I'm drinking margaritas with my dogs.

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