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Sunday, February 13, 2005
Rethinking the Hat
After a day of wearing the hat, (which made me feel a little better,I couldn't even go out Saturday night because I was feeling so crappy) I got to think further about the gift from my sweet, sweet Drk. I'll elaborate on that in a minute. But first,I also heard from Chelle that I was trying to pressure Drk into doing a shot with me. You know the fact that he was at work, and the whole not drinking thing somehow just eluded me. So my favorite exchange of the evening was this:

"If you had to do a shot, what would you do?"
"I wouldn't do one."
"But what if you were going to die if you didn't do one?" (this is an intelligent and probing question don't you agree?)
"Then I'd die."
"Play my game Drk!"
"I thought I was." (The man is a saint)

I think it was shortly after this that I asked if I could wear his hat for a picture and he gave it to me. So I tried to get into Drk's head as to why he gave it to me and here are some of the thoughts that I think hemight of had:

1. "Just give her the hat, back away from the bar slowly. If she comes toward you curl up into a ball and play dead."

2. "Maybe if she has the hat, she'll think she's me, and she'll constantly hit on herself."

3. "I can report the hat stolen to the police and I'll be rid of her once and for all."

Or something like that, but maybe it was something more like this:

4. "I love Melina, she has blatant disregard for her liver, she has perseverance in her pursuit of me. I think I'll give her a token of my love." (that one's a long shot but it could be true--you never know)

Oh and I think I asked him to be my valentine. I don't know if he accepted but I can probably guess the answer to that.
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