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Monday, February 14, 2005
You May Think I'd Hate Valentine's Day But...
...the truth is, I don't hate it. Not at all. Now I will certainly be jealous of all the girls/ladies/old folks and guys that will be sporting their red/pink/heart speckled shirts tomorrow as they receive their $100 roses and the incredibly stupid stuffed things in a variety of animal forms; but only because I can't participate (without further looking like a stalker, which I don't really need to do). Sure I scoff at the whole thing but although it's not how I'd participate in the day, it's still nice.

Of course,secretly I'm hoping that Drk will show up at my door with a single daisy or a Molson Golden with a pink ribbon around it but I think I have a better chance of meeting the Easter Bunny. But I will continue to hope until twelve am Tueday morning...and even then I will continue to hope, because I like Valentine's day and I like hope and the whole show of love.

People truly in love don't need candy or roses or stupid cards but I still like the idea that we dedicate a day to it. I mean no one says you have to go the commercial route. In fact, remember James of the naughty note of 5th grade? I still have the Valentine's day card he gave me in 7th grade. Every time I try to throw it out as I move from house to house, I read it and it says, "I will love you always" and even though that's not exactly true I can't throw that sentiment out. I always end up sticking it back into the now yellowed envelope and tucking it way back into my "special" (some would call it a junk drawer, but it is way more than that) drawer with all the other things that make me mushy. In fact, since I don't have anyone to express my love to (real love, not my from afar love of Drk) I'll probably peruse that drawer and get a little smile over the men who did love me (at least for a little while).
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