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Friday, June 22, 2007
She's got a ticket to ride...
Time with John is always limited. His commute takes several hours away from us every day. Having the summer off now is a little bittersweet. Of course, it's great to have the time off but now instead of just laying out, sleeping off the occasional hangover (because I could go out any night of the week with my friends who have weird work schedules) or ordering take out; I now find myself watching the clock to see how many hours until John comes home. And as soon as he does come home, we try to cram in as much as we can together. Last night was no different.

It started with a leftover pasta dish and a HoneyBrown each on the deck. We moved inside for a little geek-time where we watched our tivoed episode of Jeopardy! as always...did you know that it's my dream to be on that show??? I tried out twice. The first time I was close, the second time I missed my tryout because I was mopey over one of John and my breakups but the third time, I tried to do the online tryout and use John to help me cheat...that time I did the worst. What can I say? Karma's a bitch! Mid Jeopardy! John did the unthinkable and gave me a "sign" that he would like my tender ministrations on his penis. That sign being that it was out and ready to go. Do you think it's uncouth to mumble gameshow answers mid-blowjob? I think the jury is still out on that one.

Then it was time for our bike ride. After pumping up my tires, we were off. It's been a long time since I've been on my bike but every time I do hop on, I'm amazed at how free I feel. We hopped over curbs, did slow lazy meandering collision courses over in the school parking lots, swerved past pedestrians and yelled hellos to people we knew on the streets as we whizzed by them. Pulling into our driveway I felt exhilaration coursing through my veins. John was babbling about how much he loves his bike (he just had it fixed and it's the first time it has been rideable since last May) but I couldn't hear him. It was then that I fell off my bike and landed on my elbow. Apparently, in my exhilaration, I forgot to pedal and about gravity. As I lay in the driveway laughing, John parked his bike and picked me up to see if anything aside from my ego was bruised. I'm proud to say that nothing was. I'm sure the plethora of neighbors outside watching the spectacle will say that I was probably drunk or off my meds (neither being true--only one beer with dinner and I have no meds to speak of). Whatever. At least they'll never be interviewed and say, "She was always such a quiet girl, I can't believe she did this...".

Tonight is a BCT member's wedding...does the groom know how rowdy this could get??

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